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Client Education Videos

 When you have the insider info, you can make smarter choices for your wallet and your home. We’ve created this video series to help educate you about all things kitchen and bath reno related, so you can make better, more informed decisions when it’s time to update your kitchen.

Our goal is that clients will be able to find the service provider that fits their budget, service, quality, and timeline expectations and have a better overall renovation experience.

Insider Tips from the Kitchen & Bath Experts

Here’s How to Save $20,000 On Your  Kitchen Reno

Looking to renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank? In this video, Jon from Cabinet Painting Vancouver reveals the secret to saving big bucks and months of renovation time. Say goodbye to costly custom cabinets and hello to a gorgeous budget-friendly kitchen upgrade!

Insider Tips from the Kitchen & Bath Experts

What Factors Affect the Cost of Your Kitchen?

Different factors can significantly affect the cost, length, and complexity of a kitchen renovation or remodel. Learn what exactly to look out for, so you can make better decisions when it comes time to update your space.

Insider Tips from the Kitchen & Bath Experts

Our Refinishing Process at Cabinet Painting Vancouver

So, you’re thinking of refinishing your cabinets… but what exactly is involved? In this video, we lay out the process our clients go through when having their cabinets professionally refinished so you know what to expect from start to finish.

Insider Tips from the Kitchen & Bath Experts

Here’s Why Doing It Right Costs Less Than Doing It Twice 

Want to know the true cost of cabinet refinishing? In this video, we dive deep into the process, products, providers, warranties, and application methods that can be used to refinish or repaint your cabinets.

Insider Tips from the Kitchen & Bath Experts

Cabinet Refinishing or Refacing: Which Is Right For You?

Not sure which way to up-cycle your cabinets? If you’re considering giving your cabinetry a new lease on life, you’ll want to learn why refinishing vs. refacing could be better for your overall kitchen vision, door style and budget. 

Insider Tips from the Kitchen & Bath Experts

 Should I Choose Wood or MDF for My Doors & Drawers?

Considering replacing your doors and drawers?You’ll want to give this a watch before you do. In this video, we get into the pros and cons of wood vs. MDF cabinet fronts and doors, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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