Reviving a Beloved Family Home

Two Kitchens   •  Cabinets   •  Countertops & Backsplash  •  Sink & Faucet  •  Main Bathroom



2 full kitchens
3 bathrooms

Cost: $100,000*

*Costs are a rough guide only. Your own specific project may cost more or less depending on many variables.

“So I just lost my mom and she left me the family home. Instead of having sad reminders of her presence, I want to make the place a bright, fun celebration to honour her memory.” 

That was the emotional plea that Vicky made to us as she reached out to see if we could help.

Vicky expressed that she needed this project done quickly and there was a lot she wanted to tackle. So, we worked fast to figure out how to revamp the two kitchens and master bathroom. Surprisingly, a spot opened up within two weeks during the busy summer! Vicky liked our plan of action and jumped on the spot right away.

We started by making a plan to brighten everything up in her suite kitchen, main kitchen, and master bath. But as we got going, she decided she wanted to make an impact in the remaining bathrooms, too. By the end of the project, there wasn’t an inch of the home that didn’t SCREAM Vicky. It was a bold and fearless expression of her mother’s Greek heritage, her eclectic style, her love of all things loud, vivid, and colourful…and a little luxury to bring the home into the 2020s.

When everything was done, the whole house looked amazing. You could really see how happy Vicky was to see her dream come to life. She even let us throw a dinner party for family and friends to show the funky final product.

The before and after photos help you imagine how wide our eyes were when we got a glimpse into the design ideas that were living rent free in Vicky’s head:

Before… and after!

It’s all in the details!

Photographs by Jon Milstein

CABINETS | In the kitchen and bathrooms we refinished her cabinets with our low sheen cabinet-grade 2k polyurethane system to make the cabinets look and perform as good as new. The finish is low lustre, with a 10 degree sheen. It’s scratch, dent, and impact resistant, and even has awesome stain and chemical resistance so you don’t have to worry about bright whites like Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace (OC-65) or Oxford White (CC-30).

We only use the best quality finishes, no matter the cost, and are constantly testing new products to stay ahead of the newest paint technologies. Vicky really wanted to brighten up the cabinets, so she chose the brightest and most popular of the bright whites, Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. This contrasted beautifully with the gold pulls she chose to modernize their classic door style, and the silky dark black quartz countertops from Fir Stone.

By the end of the project, there wasn’t an inch of the home that didn’t scream Vicky. It was a bold and fearless expression of her mother’s Greek heritage, her eclectic style, her love of all things loud, vivid, and colourful… and a little luxury to bring the home into the 2020s

COUNTERTOPS & BACKSPLASH | The countertops and backsplash in both kitchens were done in Fir Stone Q6170, a beautiful black slab with a white vein, to tie into the cabinetry. This worked well to give some interest to the backsplash and also a beautiful contrast with gold handles and yellow wall in the main kitchen. 

SINK & FAUCET | The main kitchen boasted a Vertu-M Black undermount sink paired with a CARMELA Ferreira Gold Kitchen Faucet, harmonizing seamlessly with the chosen handles.

Pearl, one of our preferred suppliers for all things plumbing fixtures works perfectly with our fast turnarounds because they had everything in stock – in Vancouver. So we weren’t left waiting for a faucet or sink to arrive in town and our client wasn’t stuck without a functioning sink or shower.

In the basement kitchen, a stainless steel undermount sink, QILA – T, from Pearl, aligned perfectly with the suite’s fixtures and handles.

MAIN BATHROOM | Vicky sought to streamline and modernize her bathroom by removing the separate tub and incorporating it into her new shower, which included removing the existing bench to create a more spacious feel. Shortly after we began the renovation, she made the unexpected decision to install a washer/dryer combo in the space previously occupied by the tub. We scrambled the troops and got all of the necessary trades in to quote it, and make it happen.

The aesthetic transformation was stunning: sleek grey tiles on the floor, captivating hexagonal green tiles adorning the walls with a custom green grout ordered in to match, and opulent gold fixtures in the shower. These elements collectively turned the bathroom into a serene oasis within her home.

While the other three bathrooms underwent lighter updates, focusing on cabinet refinishing and tub and tile replacements, Vicky’s main bathroom stood out as a testament to her personalized vision, brought to life by our team.

Despite unforeseen changes and additions, the project, with its two kitchens and three bathrooms, were done in record time.

Vicky’s elation upon seeing the final outcome was palpable. Her generosity in allowing us to showcase her home to clients, realtors, and friends was a testament to her satisfaction and our mutual collaboration. It was a pleasure to work with her, bringing her vision to reality.

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